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The Quality Plus Network [QPN] is the fuel-cost control program for the National Association of Small Trucking Companies. NASTC has over 3000 fleets with more than 30,000 power units, mostly company owned, that purchased over 500 million gallons of fuel in the last 12 months!  As a result, NASTC uses QPN's professional, full-time purchasing managers to help control over-the-road fuel costs.   NASTC/QPN fleets focus over 90% of our fuel volume into the fuel stops that partner with QPN.  We consolidate this purchasing volume to negotiate the most competitive pricing possible. These fleets carry Fleet One fuel cards branded with a NASTC/QPN logo and have agreed to purchase over-the-road diesel fuel from the merchants that offer competitive pricing.

Most fuel stop managers know that there is limited profit in diesel fuel, unless they can also sell food, lodging, maintenance, etc. To get the opportunity to sell these other goods and services, managers know they must offer discounted pricing to get significant volume focused into their location. To assist the independent truck stop or fuel merchant, NASTC/QPN maintains index-based agreements with over 1200 merchants nationwide. Daily fuel prices are computed based on OPIS non-branded contract rack averages, plus transportation, taxes, and a merchant pumping fee [also called a cost-plus fee].  Since QPN prices are not based on retail prices, discounts will vary depending on merchant pumping fees.  Our fleets will pay the lower of the QPN price or the cash price on the pump.  Additionally, most of our network stops offer the lower of index-based pricing or a cents-off discount.

When QPN drivers fuel at a participating merchant, the transaction is processed on NASTC's branded WEX/FleetOne fuel card.  The transaction is re-priced by WEX/FleetOne and the price per gallon is adjusted using the agreed pricing formula.  The merchant is paid the adjusted amount by WEX/FleetOne, according to normal payment terms.  NASTC/QPN does not charge one-time, monthly, or per-transaction fees for merchants to participate in our program.  WEX/FleetOne transaction fees vary depending on the agreement between WEX/FleetOne and the merchant.

Call us at 317-774-1076 or send an email to info@qualityfuelnetwork.com and let's discuss how much volume QPN can bring to your operations.

For pricing issues and freight/fees updates please email pricing@qualityfuelnetwork.com.


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